The Rise of Great Alcohol-Free Drinks

Going ‘dry’ can be hard, especially if you want to keep up your social life. Wouldn’t it be great if summer social events catered for those going trying to go ‘alcohol-free’ too? Despite the wealth of options for those who are drinking alcohol you’ve probably found yourself rather limited if you’re going ‘dry’. How often do you find yourself ordering the default Coke or a glass of sparkling water to drink due to lack of choice? It’s as if the alcohol-free crowd are an afterthought- well not anymore…

If you’ve ever visited the Middle East then you’ll know there’s no shortage of fruit-based, non-alcoholic drinks on offer. For those who haven’t travelled there before, you’re missing out on many things, including a wonderful introduction to a range of exciting and delicious alcohol-free drinks.  Some of the most popular ones include limonada, loomey, jellab and a wealth of light smoothies. There really are few drinks more refreshing than chilled watermelon with mint over ice, regardless of whether you are going dry or not.

Although drinks like these have traditionally been much less common in the UK, the market is responding with a rise of alcohol-free options, known as ‘temperance’ alternatives. The problem is that many social events still fail to offer a range of these enticing alcohol-free drinks to their guests. Step forward events such as The Military Polo at Loseley Park amongst others. The founders of this polo and socialising spectacle have prioritised finding temperance alternatives from exciting brands to sit side by side with up and coming alcoholic options such as Blonde Brothers beer. These temperance alternatives include non-alcoholic spirits, like Seedlips’s offerings; non-alcoholic cocktails from Punchy Drinks and delicious fruit-based thirst quenchers. Market leaders in this last category include well known offerings such as James White, Firefly and Pago.

James White offer all the traditional fruit juices you’d expect, but they also do many exotic flavours such apple and ginger, rhubarb and their Thorncroft range. Firefly offer vegan-friendly drinks with no added colours, preservatives or sugar. Refreshing botanical flavours on offer from Firefly include peach and green tea, lemon, lime and ginger, and kiwi, lime and mint. Although Pago has been around for a while, it offers some new enticing combinations like rhubarb and pear, multivitamin tropical and a combo of lemon, carrot and orange known as ‘Ace’.

If you’re going dry, then thankfully it looks like the days of having to choose between the default Coke or sparkling water are over, as long as you choose the right event. Events such as The Military Polo pride themselves on catering for alcohol and non-alcohol drinking spectators. A combination of hospitality marquees, several bars and an exclusive VIP area provide opportunities for you to quench your thirst surrounded by a stunning backdrop. Get yourself along and find out first hand what all the fuss is about.

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